Workshop: Parliamentary Procedures (recording)

City of Atlanta

Saturday, Jan. 28, 2023
10:00 a.m.

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This assignment is part of a special series. Documenters are taking notes on local civic trainings that can help build a resource library.

Parliamentary procedure is the code of rules and ethics for neighborhood organizations, city councils, and other deliberative bodies to transact business fairly, efficiently, orderly, and expeditiously. Conducted by a registered parliamentarian, this course is designed for community leaders new to using parliamentary procedure, or who would benefit from a refresher on the fundamental concepts of effective and fair meeting procedure. The basic tenets of Robert’s Rules of Order are taught to arm presiding officials with the tools necessary to run successful and productive gatherings. The second half of this course is designed to instruct residents on the rights, privileges, and obligations they have as members of an NPU or neighborhood organization.  Community members can participate in decision-making for their organizations learn how to use parliamentary procedures to participate in the civic process.


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City of Atlanta

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